Plot of all Fully Electronic Timed 100m times with a mark of 10.30 or faster

So, I made a little experiment and scraped all the official 100m timings that can be found on the official page of World Athletics. Then I plotted all times on a chart for a better visual representation.

I plan to do some further analysis on this data, but I still decided to already share the image just because it’s so cool and because I haven’t found this anywhere else on the internet.

Click on the image to open the full size (it should open in a new tab). It is 12304 x 4625 pixels and 3.91 MB in size.

Source of data:

Data was taken on the 8th of April 2022.

All the record breaking marks

10.06Bob Hayes15-Oct-1964
10.03Jim Hines20-Jun-1968
10.02Charles Greene13-Oct-1968
9.95Jim Hines14-Oct-1968
9.93Calvin Smith3-Jul-1983
9.83Ben Johnson30-Aug-1987
9.79Ben Johnson24-Sep-1988
9.92Carl Lewis24-Sep-1988
9.90Leroy Burrell14-Jun-1991
9.86Carl Lewis25-Aug-1991
9.85Leroy Burrell6-Jul-1994
9.84Donovan Bailey27-Jul-1996
9.79Maurice Greene16-Jun-1999
9.78Tim Montgomery14-Sep-2002
9.77Asafa Powell14-Jun-2005
9.77Justin Gatlin12-May-2006
9.74Asafa Powell9-Sep-2007
9.72Usain Bolt31-May-2008
9.69Usain Bolt16-Aug-2008
9.58Usain Bolt16-Aug-2009

1 thought on “Plot of all Fully Electronic Timed 100m times with a mark of 10.30 or faster

  1. Quite an interesting graph. Intend to play with it a little more.

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