World Records in Athletics Ranked by Official Scoring Tables

The Scoring Tables of Athletics are based on exact statistical data and according to the following principles:
The scores in the tables of different events cover equivalent performances. Therefore, the tables can be used to compare results achieved in different athletic events.

Due to obvious biological differences, it is not proposed to fully compare men’s and women’s performances. Thus, the system contains scoring tables for men’s and women’s events respectively.

The tables are progressive, which means that the same improvement of results at higher levels leads to a greater increase in the scores. For example, to improve from 8.30m to 8.60m in the Long Jump is obviously more difficult than to improve from 6.30m to 6.60m. The degree of progressivity in the running (walking, hurdling) events is different than in the jumping and in the throwing events due to biomechanical reasons.

While these tables can never be a definitive measurement of the level of performance considering the differing opinions among sports statisticians concerning their basis and method of construction, they do allow us to consistently measure and compare athletes and their performances across the rich variety of event disciplines.

– Excerpt taken from IAAF SCORING TABLES OF ATHLETICS (2017 REVISED EDITION) by Dr Bojidar Spiriev (Updated by Attila Spiriev)

World Records Ranked by Score

EventTrack/FieldTypeGenderAthleteWorld Record MarkResult ScoreDate Set
Discus ThrowFieldThrowingFGabriele Reinsch76.8013829-Jul-1988
Shot PutFieldThrowingFNatalya Lisovskaya22.6313727-Jun-1987
Javelin ThrowFieldThrowingMJan Železný98.48136525-May-1996
100mTrackRunningMUsain Bolt9.58135616-Aug-2009
200mTrackRunningMUsain Bolt19.19135220-Aug-2009
Long JumpFieldJumpingMMike Powell8.95134630-Aug-1991
400m HurdlesTrackRunningMKarsten Warholm45.9413413-Aug-2021
Long JumpFieldJumpingFGalina Chistyakova7.52133311-Jun-1988
HeptathlonTrack & FieldMixedFJackie Joyner-Kersee7291133124-Sep-1988
Shot PutFieldThrowingMRyan Crouser23.37132318-Jun-2021
Pole VaultFieldJumpingMArmand Duplantis6.20132220-Mar-2022
400mTrackRunningMWayde van Niekerk43.03132114-Aug-2016
Discus ThrowFieldThrowingMJürgen Schult74.0813206-Jun-1986
4x100m RelayTrackRunningMJamaica36.84131811-Aug-2012
MarathonTrackRunningMEliud Kipchoge02:01:39131616-Sep-2018
High JumpFieldJumpingMJavier Sotomayor2.45131427-Jul-1993
100mTrackRunningFFlorence Griffith-Joyner10.49131416-Jul-1988
400m HurdlesTrackRunningFSydney McLaughlin50.68131222-Jul-2022
High JumpFieldJumpingFStefka Kostadinova2.09130930-Aug-1987
200mTrackRunningFFlorence Griffith-Joyner21.34130829-Sep-1988
10000mTrackRunningMJoshua Cheptegei26:11.0013067-Oct-2020
Javelin ThrowFieldThrowingFBarbora Špotáková72.28130613-Sep-2008
400mTrackRunningFMarita Koch47.6013046-Oct-1985
10000mTrackRunningFLetesenbet Gidey29:01.0313038-Jun-2021
Hammer ThrowFieldThrowingFAnita Włodarczyk82.98130328-Aug-2016
Triple JumpFieldJumpingMJonathan Edwards18.2913037-Aug-1995
5000mTrackRunningMJoshua Cheptegei12:35.36130214-Aug-2020
DecathlonTrack & FieldMixedMKevin Mayer9126130216-Sep-2018
1500mTrackRunningMHicham El Guerrouj2:26.00130214-Jul-1998
800mTrackRunningMDavid Rudisha1:40.9113019-Aug-2012
Hammer ThrowFieldThrowingMYuriy Sedykh86.74129830-Aug-1986
Triple JumpFieldJumpingFYulimar Rojas15.74129720-Mar-2022
MarathonTrackRunningFBrigid Kosgei2:14.04129513-Oct-2019
110m HurdlesTrackRunningMAries Merritt12.8012947-Sep-2012
Pole VaultFieldJumpingFYelena Isinbayeva5.06129028-Aug-2009
3000m SteeplechaseTrackRunningMSaif Saaeed Shaheen7:53.6312883-Sep-2004
1500mTrackRunningFGenzebe Dibaba3:50.07128717-Jul-2015
800mTrackRunningFJarmila Kratochvílová1:53.28128626-Jul-1983
3000m SteeplechaseTrackRunningFBeatrice Chepkoech8:44.32128520-Jul-2018
4x400m RelayTrackRunningMUnited States2:54.29128122-Aug-1993
4x100m RelayTrackRunningFUnited States40.82127310-Aug-2012
5000mTrackRunningFLetesenbet Gidey14:06.6212697-Oct-2020
4x400m RelayTrackRunningFSoviet Union3:15.1712671-Oct-1988
100m HurdlesTrackRunningFKendra Harrison12.20126122-Jul-2016

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